MOGUNTIA (means in latin: Mainz)

The Moguntia barge, a memorial from days gone by, is ready for many different uses. Historic steel and beautiful woods paired with contemporary technology make this rustic beauty the ideal excursion boat for companies and bachelor parties up to 18 persons.

Welcome On Board...


The boat was built in Mainz in 1922 and was used by the municipal authorities until the end of the 1950s. At the beginning of the 1960s she was converted by a French artist to a houseboat. At the end of 2005, Arthur Fischer discovered the boat in Lampertheim on a ship cemetery on the Rheinkanal. The condition was devastating, but the good piece swam and the engine spun. But that was all. From 2006 to 2009, the boat was completely restored, repaired, and can be used again since then for fun journeys.

Technical Data

Year of construction: 1922
Engine: Mercedes Benz OM 617, 5 cylinder Diesel, 90 PS
Gear: Paragon
Weight: ca. 8,5 t
Length: 12,25 m
Width: 2,70 m
Draft: 0,80 m
Hull: Steel, revited
Upgrading: WC,
wood interior in teak

Guests: Max. 19 people


Teak furnishings, toilet, weather cover, fog horn, drinks and music system on request.

picnic basket on board
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Food and beverage on board
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