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Our catering spoils you and your guests with many delicacies.

With a picnic basket on the Spree ...

To the boat tour immediately suitably co-order! Large picnic basket, with selected Mediterranean sausage and cheese specialities, antipasti salads, mixed bread basket, fresh fruit and nibbles. For 2 to 12 persons, from 37,50 € per person. Welcome on board and bon appétit!

Rustic raclette rides …

We bring the fascination of cheese raclette directly to your table. Whether it's a relaxed Spree cruise with dinner or a cuddly punch ride through Berlin, we delight our on-board guests with raclette grill and the finest Swiss cheese right on the spot. We have put together 6 raclette menus for you, e.g. very popular: The classic - with Gschwellti, silver onions and gherkins. Refined: The spicy one - with turkey ham, pineapple and peanut-chili-pesto. The rest: The herbal, the rich, the delicately fruity and the spicy - let us surprise you! In addition we serve a small leaf salad with homemade dressing, French baguette and salted butter, salt and pepper mill.

Menu (example)

Berlin on the Spree


Potato salad with vinegar oil, radishes and parsley, per person 180g // cucumber salad with fresh dill and sour cream // Summer salads with chive dressing // Baguette with butter

Main courses

Baked chicken thighs, 2 pieces per person // Juicy boiled beef with Bautzener mustard, per person 2 pieces per person 


Berlin red berry fruit pudding with bourbon vanilla sauce

Food & beverage on board

Enjoy your trip on board with good food and drink Unique to Germany is the fleet with which the SCHIFFSKONTOR brings style, comfort and individuality to the waterways of the capital. Whether with 80 people on the MS STRALAU or 50 people on the ARCONA - our beautiful ships are perfect for a reception, a dinner or a Christmas party and offer a guaranteed different view of the capital. Explore the Spree, Havel or the numerous lakes in and around Berlin by boat - individually planned and on request with selected good catering.

Finger food in the glass

Vegetarian • Le Puis mountain lentils, goat cheese, croutons, pomegranate seeds and vinaigrette • Ratatouille salad with buffalo mozzarella minis and thyme croutons
Fish • Glass noodle salad with green papaya, cashews, coriander and fried shrimp • Roasted sea bass with wild herbs on tomato shallot confit and coriander
Meat • Smoked duck breast on pomegranate cous cous with celery and chervil • Pink roasted saddle of lamb on chick-pea salad, served with mint yoghurt
Dessert • Three kinds of Swiss chocolate - ganache, mousse and crumble • Coconut panna cotta with mango and passion fruit compote, lactose free • Berlin air - lemon dessert with raspberry pulp

dittmann & friends

A network of service providers from the demanding catering and event industry. What is particularly important to us: "Innovation and passion. When selecting our products, we attach great importance to freshness and quality and order from the best suppliers in the region".

Sushi Ahoy …

From 19,95 € per person we offer light sushi food. Order freshly prepared sushi delicacies for your cruise with us on board.

Menu (example)

A day at the sea (mediterranean)


Vegi Ceasar Salad Mini Roman, Cherry Tomato, Kalamata Olives and Parmesan dressing // Antipasti of zucchini, aubergine, carrot and paprika with capers // Feta cheese and red onions // Caprese of buffalo mozzarella with pickled apricots, walnuts and fresh basil // Variation of freshly baked ciabatta and baguette with tomato butter


Mussel soup with fennel, tomato & vermouth

Main courses

Picata from corn poulard with confit tomatoes and basil pomegranate // Vegetarian alternative: canneloni stuffed with vegetables, au gratin with Tyrolean mountain cheese


tiramisu of blueberries and caramel