Sensuality, joie de vivre, sophistication: Celebrate with us!

Our catering spoils you and your guests with many delicacies.

Rustic raclette buffets

The classic • Raclette cheese, Gschwellti (small potatoes), silver onions and cornichons •
The Herbs • Raclette cheese with pears, rosemary and bacon •
The rich • Raclette cheese with port gravy and prosciutto •
The fine fruity • Raclette cheese with smoked duck breast and orange fillets •
The savory • Raclette cheese with turkey ham, pineapple and peanut chili pesto •
The spicy • Raclette cheese with chestnut gnocchi, Brussels sprouts and chorizo ​​•

• Serve a small salad with home-made dressing French baguette and salted butter, salt and pepper mill •

Autumn and winter buffets on board

Autumn Buffet

Pumpkin soup with roasted seeds, Styrian oil and croutons • Crusty bread and baguette variations with fine butter • Baked duck leg with orange juice, apple red cabbage and napkin dumplings (Vegetarian: Savoy cabbage stuffed with vegetables, with mushroom cream sauce and side dishes) • Tonka bean cream with pear compote and bourbon vanilla -Sauce

Winter Buffet

Seasonal lettuce with potato and truffle dressing • Winter antipasti: carrot, eggplant, mushroom, Hokaido Kübis, beetroot, parsley root • Variety of crust bread and baguette, with fine butter • Wild goulash from Priegnitz, red cabbage and butter croutons filled potato dumplings (vegetarian: savoy cabbage stuffed with vegetables, with mushroom cream sauce and napkin dumplings) • Baked apple compote with rum-vanilla sauce

29 € per person

For bookings of 15 people (plus boat rental and delicious drinks)

Food & beverage on board

Enjoy your trip on board with good food and drink Unique to Germany is the fleet with which the SCHIFFSKONTOR brings style, comfort and individuality to the waterways of the capital. Whether with 80 people on the MS STRALAU or 50 people on the ARCONA - our beautiful ships are perfect for a reception, a dinner or a Christmas party and offer a guaranteed different view of the capital. Explore the Spree, Havel or the numerous lakes in and around Berlin by boat - individually planned and on request with selected good catering.

Offer: Sushi Ahoy

From 19.95 €
We offer light sushi for each person. Order freshly prepared sushi delicacies for your trip on board.

Ahoy and good appetite!

Top cuisine and selected drinks at fair prices

Our catering leaves nothing to be desired. Whether original, creative or completely classic. Our renowned chefs create culinary delights for every occasion.

Finger food in the glass

Vegetarian • Le Puis mountain lentils, goat cheese, croutons, pomegranate seeds and vinaigrette • Ratatouille salad with buffalo mozzarella minis and thyme croutons //
Fish • Glass noodle salad with green papaya, cashews, coriander and fried shrimp • Roasted sea bass with wild herbs on tomato shallot confit and coriander //
Meat • Smoked duck breast on pomegranate cous cous with celery and chervil • Pink roasted saddle of lamb on chick-pea salad, served with mint yoghurt //
Dessert • Three kinds of Swiss chocolate - ganache, mousse and crumble • Coconut panna cotta with mango and passion fruit compote, lactose free • Berlin air - lemon dessert with raspberry pulp

Service that always meets the highest demands, even on a small budget

Of course, we only use high-quality, fresh products, mainly from the Mark Brandenburg.